Vincant Kitzoby

Jack of All Trades and whatnot


Level 5 Human Factotum

AC: 20 w/ shield, 18 w/o HP: 37

Weapons Warhammer – 1d8 + 1 crit: x3 Shining Frost Bastard Sword +1 – 1d10 + 1d6 + 2 crit: x2 Comp Longbow – 1d8 + 1 crit: x3

Feats Font of Inspiration Font of Inspiration Font of Inspiration Knowledge Devotion

Spell Capabilities Three spells per day One second level spell Two spells of lower level Three touch healing abilities per day, for 2 x level + Int modifier Wand of Disguise Self Wand of Cause Fear Scroll of Summon Monster IV Scroll of Haste


He believes in whatever deity is convenient at the time, keeping a variety of religious symbols and icons strung around his neck.

He follows his own code of conduct. He doesn’t care about any kind of moral system and primarily looks out for himself, but if he makes a promise he keeps it.

His journey as a Factotum began when, after having a few drinks and badmouthing a level 5 sorcerer, he successfully cast Enlarge Person on himself to prove that “it isn’t that hard.” He then punched that sorcerer in the jaw to keep him from casting a retaliatory spell. Jerk-ass sorcerer…

Vincant Kitzoby

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