Greg Reykjavík

is present.


Male half-orc cleric 5

HP: 41 Str: 15 [2] Dex: 10 [0] Con: 15 [2] Int: 10 [0] Wis: 17 [3] Cha: 10 [0]

Saves: Fortitude: 4 Reflex: 1 Will: 4

Base Land Speed: 30 ft [6] Land Speed with Armor: 20 ft [4]

Base Attack Bonus: 3

Weapon: Quarterstaff – Atk Bonus: 5, Damage: 1d6, Crit: x2, Bludgeoning, 4 Lbs.

AC: 10 + 8 + 2 = 20 Armor (Mythril Armor – Full Plate): 8 Heavy Steel Shield: 2

Armor Stats: Mythril Armor: Full Plate: Max Dex +3, AC Penalty -4, 25 Lbs. Heavy Steel Shield: Max Dex +2, 15 Lbs.


After being “forgotten” at Sunday school, Greg’s hippie father and orc mother attended on the forested borderlands, the half-orc child remained at the Tri-fectary Church for a whole month until he eventually received a letter from his parents “apologizing” for leaving him at the temple to head due east to raise beasts of magical and quantum mechanical natures. After showing the letter to the the head priest, the church decided he could stay in the attached cloister with several of the monks, although was “strongly encouraged” to play outside for as long as possible every day whenever he was not taking part in Clerical education or religious ceremony. Given time to interact with the outside world, Greg bonded with nature as best an awkward half-orc adolescent may (which is surprisingly well). Finding his calling with Obad-Hai, diety of nature, Greg applied more of his study in the natural world, dedicating himself to encyclopedias of flora and fauna, furiously leafing through the different books of reference. Upon reaching maturity, Greg was approached by several of his colleagues and, as when he was a child, “strongly encouraged” to travel the world, immerse himself in all of nature’s wonder, and grow as would a tree. So Greg picked up his roots, set to the road, and began his foray into the unknown world, uncertain of the future and its many branching paths.

Greg Reykjavík

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