The Red Hand of Doom

The Adventure Begins....

What does the Red Hand have in store

The first riveting installment in our adventure began with a fairly innocuous map taken from the lair of the Owlbear overlords that were plaguing the city of Three Swords. This map revealed that an old keep hidden within the Witchwood may be home to a hidden vault of untold treasures.

Luckily for our adventurers, the lands of Elsir Vale and the Witchwood within lie only a fortnight’s travel west. They plot their course for a small city on the edge of the wood named Drellin’s Ferry.

The party’s travels did not go unimpeded however, as our brave warriors were waylaid by vicious hobgoblins and their pet hell hounds outside the city limits. The battle seemed one-sided as the adventures were outnumbered 3 to 1, but smart tactics and a firm hand led them to victory relatively unscathed.

Arriving at Drellin’s Ferry, our heroes discovered that such vicious attacks as they had just survived were startlingly common as of late. Determined to help the citizens of the town (and make a fair bit of coin on the side), they sought out the Town Speaker Norro Wiston, and the Captain of the town guard Sorrana Anitah. Happy to receive the aid of such capable adventurers, a deal was made, and the party made their way to the Witchwood.

The group wasted no time, and entered the forest at dawn on the following day. At the suggestion of Sorrana, the party sought out a man by the name of Jorr Natherson, a seasoned woodsman whose knowledge of the wood was rivaled by none. The party found his secluded cabin, and after a brief conference, the party was relieved to find that Jorr was not only as knowledgeable about the forest as claimed, but also took a severe disliking to the goblins that infected “his” woods.

Finding a new ally in Jorr (at the small price of a few gold of course) the group headed north toward the Skull Gorge bridge; the location that Jorr thought most likely acted as the goblin warband’s entry point to the wood. In addition, Jorr revealed that an ancient castle, Vraath Keep, sat directly on their path to the bridge.

Only a few hours into their travels however the group encounter a fearsome 8-headed hydra who had every intention of making our good adventures his next meal. The party had other plans, however, and dispatched the foul beast quickly, severing several of its terrible heads in the process.

After regrouping the party traveled north for several hours until they stumbled upon the remains of an ancient keep. Hearing strange sounds emanating from aged edifice the party decided it best to rest and investigate the building at dusk under cover of nightfall.

The adventurers got more than they bargained for as this keep had been acting as the goblin warband’s headquarters in the region. After slaying many hobgoblins and defeating two mighty manticores, the warriors faced off against Wyrmlord Koth, the bugbear ruler of the goblin warband. A powerful Sorceror, Koth slung many a wicked spell against the stalwart heroes, and in the end used his magic to escape the keep, and fled north toward the Skull Gorge bridge.

Having bested the powerful spellcaster, the party turned to searching the keep for valuables the bugbear might have been hiding. The sharp eyes of the party’s wizard spotted a secret hatch in the sorcerer’s quarters. Investigating the hatch the adventures discovered a hidden vault rife with coins and powerful magical items and weapons. It seemed as though Vraath Keep was not only the keep hinted at on the map they had found early in their adventures, but the powerful sorcerer had not even known such treasures lied directly beneath his feet!

The party found one other important item: a map detailing some sinister plans aimed at overthrowing all of Elsir Vale!

The first installment of our brave heroes ends here. What fiendish monsters might they encounter next? What is behind the strange goblin activity? What will happen to Drellin’s Ferry and all of Elsir Vale!? It’s all for our party of heroes to discover and decide!



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